Many people feel they are not enough, but the truth of the matter is that they are enough.

We each are born unique, magnificent and enough. Two powerful words to reinforce and remind us of this is ‘I Am’

When we mindfully in the present moment declare ‘I Am Enough’ we are consciously affirming the belief and knowledge that we are enough. This conscious declaration empowers the mind both on a conscious and unconscious level to release thoughts of self-doubt and replace them with the knowledge that ‘I Am Enough’

The two words ‘I Am’ are super powerful. We are creatures of free will, which means we have the power to choose. When we put ‘I Am’ in a sentence we are exerting our free will to choose.

What do you choose for yourself, once we acknowledge and embrace the power of ‘I Am’ we become mindful master creators of our world.

By Dawattie Basdeo –