How did I become a creative writer of Healing Poems?  

This is a curious question because I never planned to become a writer or poet, in fact a poet would have been the last thing I ever dreamed of becoming. I am dyslexic and I struggle to read, and my grammar and spelling are very thankful for spell check. Being dyslexic, all through school my reports said ‘Frances could do well if she tried harder.’ In those days dyslexia wasn’t a recognised condition and I was so shy I couldn’t even start to say ‘I don’t know how to put the ideas from my head onto paper’, in fact I didn’t know that I didn’t know how. I understood subjects very easily, but  had no way to articulate or convey my thoughts. When I did write to convey my thoughts my grammar and spelling faults would outweigh any positive criticism and indeed I never felt the content of my work was heard. I later learned from Health Kinesiology I had a hand eye coordination problem, among others which needed corrections most likely from childhood traumas. Fortunately I was musically talented and attended a specialist music school and though I did not follow a career in music, the musical lanquage set me for my future life course as a therapist.  Hands on was easy for me, my second nature and I was fortunate to have a natural touch where I could locate origins of pain almost instantaneously and this was the start of my therapy and  healing  journey.

Following on from my initial training as an Aestheticien: a fully qualified Beauty Therapist who is able to work with electrical equipment, I progressed on to Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage very quickly and then came across Touch for Health and Kinesiology. These for me, were life changing, and over many years of training and self work my dyslexia restrictions became less. My confidence and understanding grew and the real me started to emerge.

Working on a cross section of society, I was challenged by some religious people who asked if Kinesiology muscle testing might be divination which is condemned in scripture. Indeed at all the Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals in those days there was always the man with the ‘Armageddon’ placard outside condemning ‘New Age’ to be against God. But I knew this not to be true, and as with everything I also knew that intention is every thing. So I made a study to find out why such opposition and to seek the healing message of scripture and to understand why Jesus Christ was and is the greatest healer of all time. My findings are way beyond any expectations I ever imagined.

I sent to prospective agents and publishers where the Religion thought I should be in Health and Health thought I should be in Religion. They did not seem to get that I was crossing the two and now I would describe my work as ‘cross genre’ because I cover so many categories and bring them together as one, the ultimate for us all I think. Of course my work needed massive edits and spell checks so I attended Creative Writing Courses at the adult learning part of Cardiff University to refine my writing. I was happy because I learned my writing was of a good standard and I could call myself a writer, which was hard for me to do. On these courses we had one teacher who asked us to turn our prose into poetry and this was the start of my creative poetry journey.  The next course this tutor ran was called ‘Creative Writing the Body’. This course felt as if it was made for me and with all my alternative anatomical knowledge, the spark was lit.

For our assignment we had to write a performance piece and I used the image of a painting by Nick Cudworth called ‘The Anatomist’ where a skeleton held a brain in its hands. This became my first ‘proper poem’ which pulled together all my knowledge into a deliverable form I had never imagined possible.  I called the poem  ‘Contemplating Thinking about Thinking’ as a philosophical process for thinking about life in our body but also inspired by the line from Robbie Williams song ‘Come Undone’ which epitomizes struggles with drink, drugs and immorality that many face today. Every choice we make impacts our life experience and we have the power of choice.  As a therapist it is clear to see the causes of blocks to relationships and wellness and at some point I realised it is the behaviours classed as sin that are abusive and prevent us attaining to the love we seek and know within our hearts. My poetry seemed to collate my knowledge of life as a therapist with my life experiences in relation to faith in God and healing.

All arts are creative and are a great form of expression of our inner worlds to make sense of our world and all our worlds are different. We all have different experiences, responses and feelings which subconsciously dictate our life. The more we can be mindful and identify and self actualise our feelings, the more self empowerment and confidence we find to be our true selves; by removing the stresses we get closer to our true nature of love. Creativity is in our nature and we can always choose what we create, we can make new, and this includes our feelings too. As a therapist we listen to people’s feelings and it’s the acknowledgement and expression of a feeling that needs to be actively heard. When a feeling is heard, it changes and over a course of time negative thoughts, emotions and feelings can be transformed into positive aspects for life.  This is what poetry did for me and in my books I hope to help others identify with what they like and what they don’t like and maybe can’t say. My poems advocate for those who may not be able to voice their trauma experience and by identification the issues, they can be worked with. I work with individuals and run workshops along with creative writing poetry classes to help release their own creative journey. The arts are invaluable for this communication process and they help every one.  Life is a creative journey that never stops.

I continued to write poetry for some years and Published Healing Poems for Positive Love in 2012.  I did not have one proper poetic form and had never attended a ‘proper poetry’ class. I never imagined having to read my poems out to an audience, but when I did I was amazed at the response I had, especially from young people who embraced me and my work. I was astounded at the response which encouraged me to continue on my writing journey and now it is my life. I will have the CD and my book ‘Healing Poems for Positive Love’ and my recent books from my ‘Parousia’ series ‘Love’s Light’ and ‘Book of Life’ at the Mindful Living show where my poetic form has improved and the thoughts designed to be heavenly because after all ‘we are what we think’. 

I look forward to meeting you there.  Facebook Francess You tube & instagram @ HealingPoems