HAPPY NEW YEAR from MindfulnessUK

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For those of you who are new to our organisation, here is some information about who we are.  We were started our journey 9 years ago, when our Director, Karen Atkinson, took a leap of faith and co-founded the organisation. Since then our influence has grown and we now offer personal mindfulness practice to those new to meditation, teacher training for those who want to share the benefits of a practice and wonderful retreats for all who want to go deeper!  

As we have come into the New Year, we have been spending some valuable time reflecting back on what 2018 was for us and also being grateful for what we have in our lives professionally and personally.  

Compassionate practice is a big part of what we offer and practice as an organisation, and we wanted to share some ideas with you, to help you find some appreciation for what you have now:

  • Write a gratitude diary – you could do this as you reflect on 2018, and also introduce a daily diary where you record the big and small things that you were grateful for in the day that has just passed
  • Do an appreciation practice – why not take a peek at our videoof Karen Atkinson leading a practice – it’s a quick 5 minute video and a great investment of your time
  • Take a break outside – Go for a walk. If you see something you like (a view, a leaf, a building), stop and enjoy it for 20 seconds.  The more times you do this you will being to change the neuropathways in your brain and help you gain a more positive perspective on life
  • Be kind to yourself – treat yourself as you would a loved one or best friend.  Try a loving-kindness meditationand see how much better it makes you feel.

Feeling inspired to join our community?  Why not visit our website or Facebook page and find out more about us and what’s on in 2019.  Enjoy!