Happiness. It’s a word that evokes for me images of sunshine and laughter, of bright vibrant yellows and blues. It’s a word that when I tap in to how it makes me feel, there is a warm, glowing expanding feeling inside my stomach and my chest. It is definitely a sensation I want to experience more and more. And yet so many people struggle to find it for themselves.

I was asked a few days ago during a radio interview why I thought the ‘Hunt for Happiness’ had become so prevalent in modern society. My answer, off the cuff, was that our basic needs are (mostly) met in this part of the world. We are fed, we are clothed, warm and dry. We have clean water, we have comforts. Beyond that we have connection in forms of technology and we have a world of knowledge at our fingertips. 

And yet still there is isolation, still there is the human experiences of grief, anguish, fear and loss. These will not go away, they will always be a part of our lives. When you’re in the midst of a challenging situation, darker emotions are strong, often overwhelming. So how can we be happy when there is so much that is not right with our lives? 

Well for me, happiness is in the small moments, as well as in the grand moments of success and goal achieving. Happiness is in noticing that it smells different outside when it rains, and yes, I didn’t want my hair to get wet, but how alive that moment made me feel. Happiness is in watching the cheeky eyebrow lift when my child is not impressed with something I’ve said in the midst of heated ‘discussion’. Happiness is in choosing to look after myself, and making that a key part of my day. 

Many of these infinitesimally small moments came in to my awareness when I began meditating, and particularly when I first encountered mindfulness. Parents often find it a struggle to prioritise their own needs, and I believe there is a real call for ways to address that. Mindfulness changed my life, and I’ve created a way for mums to access the dreams, goals and passions that make them tick, by first taking control of the tiny moments of their lives. If you’d like to take back some control, and start your journey to noticing that you can choose to be happy, then have a listen to the three minute mindful breathing audio, that you can access here.

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