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Gratitude some may say is the latest fad, due to the growing recognition of the many benefits of both consciously and unconsciously practising gratitude.

However, man has been practising gratitude since the beginning of their existence and scientific research is now confirming the many physical and spiritual benefits this practice brings.

Take a moment to think about what the term gratitude means to you.

There are many different definitions of gratitude, one simple definition is ‘the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness’

What does to be Thankful mean to you?

To feel absolute gratitude and thankfulness for life’s blessings opens a fountain of joy and bliss from within.

A famous quote which illustrates this is

‘If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change’ – Buddha

When we view the world through the eyes of gratitude, we see the many miracles in our world more clearly.

We are humbled at the masterpiece we are part of, we recognise the interconnectedness of the universe and the impact our actions have on others and the world we live in.

A mindful cultivation of gratitude must come from the heart an unequivocal acknowledgement, thank you, humbleness for the good in your life.

The mindset for the practice of gratitude is as with that for the mindset of kindness; each act of kindness must be done from the heart with not a thought that you are doing kindness and have no expectation of anything in return. So also, must gratitude come from the heart, in pure humility, gratefulness and thanks.

A mantra I share in the ‘Magnificent Me Magnificent You Gratitude Journal’ is ‘A grateful heart is a happy heart’ and nothing could be truer for the path of happiness is paved by gratitude.

As with everything in life the proof is in the pudding and yes research has proved individuals who practice gratitude have a happier, more positive, compassionate, kind outlook and feel fewer negative emotions.

Therefor I invite you to for this coming week, at the end of each day to take a moment to look back on your day and give thought to what you were grateful for from your day and write them down in detail in a dedicated gratitude journal. 

At the end of the week, look back at your week and read through each day’s gratitude’s. Observe the effect this has on your emotions and outlook.

Expressing gratitude regularly releases our mind from its usual wants and worries. It shifts our concerns from being mostly about ourselves and those close to us to being about all living beings, resulting in improved wellbeing and the development of many other noble virtues such as kindness, compassion, joy, humbleness, truth to name a few.

For your convenience here is a PDF of sheets extracted from the ‘Magnificent Me Magnificent You Gratitude Journal’ ISBN 978-1-5043-9609-7 created with the intention of providing a dedicated space for daily gratitude journaling, the top of each page also shares a thought for reflection.

Thank You 

Dawattie Basdeo –