How many times do your children give a one-word response to, ‘How was school today?’ or, ‘What did you do today?’ How often do they open up to you more on a car journey, at bath time or as you tuck them in to bed?

The daily challenges of being a parent can mean that we forget to communicate meaningfully with our children and to really listen to their hopes, fears and interests. Learning to ask coaching questions is a fun way to help you make the most of all your regular moments together and to encourage the whole family to get talking. This is something I am passionate about and the reason why I developed the Barefoot Coaching Card range: to help families, as well as couples and individuals to introduce coaching questions into their every day lives and get to know themselves and each other better.  


Open coaching questions allow us to think creatively and express ourselves with ease – and this is particularly true for children. Questions encourage children to think for themselves and inspire better problem-solving – but ultimately they are a wonderful way to start fun and meaningful conversations and strengthen the bond between you.


This Mother’s Day, take the opportunity to sit around the dinner table as a family, turn off all devices and give these coaching questions a go and see where the conversation takes you:  

What nice things do you do for other people?

If you could have one magical power, what would you choose and why?

Who are the three most inspiring women in your life today? 

Kim Morgan MCC is an expert life and business coach, author and columnist. With over 25 years’ experience in psychology and people development, Kim has brought her extraordinary expertise and passion to the Barefoot Coaching Cards. The range will be available to buy at the Mindful Living Show London, stand D17.  


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