Madeleine Shaw is a leading voice on the wellness scene and will be joining The Mindful Living Show in London, on Friday 1st June for a Q&A session on 'Beautiful Eating & Cooking'.

Over the last five years she has transformed a simple food blog into a wellness community, with over 700k fans across multiple media platforms.

Now an established voice on the UK wellness scene, Madeleine posts inspiring content across her channels, helping her fans to 'Get the Glow' by taking a balanced and holistic approach to their health. Her delicious, fail-safe, recipes, combined with her nutritional knowledge and tips on both fitness and mindful practices, have meant she has become a go-to resource for hundreds of thousands of fans - in the UK and beyond.

Her third book, 'A Year of Beautiful Eating' (Orion Books), is out now, and her new skincare product, in collaboration with Origins UK and inspired by her favourite ingredient (the coconut!), launched this year. Glow-Co-Nuts is a limited edition hydrating coconut moisture mask that gives your skin the ultimate glow!

Madeleine is also an Ambassador for Sky's Ocean Rescue Campaign.