Juliet Adams
Mindfulness at work author, teacher, coach and mentor
A Head for Work

Juliet started her career working as a Learning and Development specialist for the police before focussing on leadership development.  An early adopter of mindfulness in the workplace, over the last six years Juliet has been a driving force in encouraging the uptake of mindfulness training in organisations in the UK and US.

In recent years Juliet has acted as an expert advisor to the Mindfulness Initiative, a government think tank on Mindfulness. She has authored popular books on mindfulness at work and mindful leadership.  Working in the UK, Netherlands and USA, she co-developed WorkplaceMT as a time effective, robust approach to teaching mindfulness in the workplace. She also developed and delivers a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) validated mindfulness at work trainer training programme for coaches and business consultants to help them develop the skills to deliver mindfulness training in a workplace setting.


Mindful Living Show Presentation

Saturday 2nd June 2018
Time: 14:00 -14:30
"How can mindfulness be practically applied in the workplace?"

It’s common to see articles about mindfulness at work illustrated with pictures of people in suits sitting in lotus position on top of the board room table, but is this really what mindfulness at work involves?  This session will explore what mindfulness at work is really about, dispel some common myths and illustrate some practical ways that individuals and organisations are incorporating mindfulness into their busy work days.