Tessa Watt
Teacher and Founder
Being Mindful

Tessa is a mindfulness teacher and consultant, running public courses through her company, as well as workplace training. Tessa is author of the books Introducing Mindfulness: A Practical Guide (Icon, 2012) and Mindful London (Virgin, 2014). She is co-creator and presenter of the app Quility which offers mindful parenting and other targeted meditations at

Tessa is an Associate of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, one of the world's leading organisations for Mindfulness training, and she teaches mindfulness in the Houses of Parliament. She was co-leader of the Workplace strand of the Mindfulness Initiative, a team supporting the All-party Parliamentary Group for Mindfulness at Westminster. She is co-teacher of the Mental Health Foundation's online mindfulness course, at

Tessa has been practising meditation for 25 years, and is a teacher at the London Shambhala Meditation Centre. In her earlier career Tessa was a Research Fellow in History at Cambridge University, and a Senior Producer with BBC Radio and Music. Tessa lives in south London and has two daughters aged 20 and 17.

Mindful Living Show Presentation
Friday 2nd June
Session Title: Being a Mindful Parent 

Mindfulness can nourish us as parents and greatly benefit our family lives. Learn how it can help us to reduce stress, speed and destructive behaviour; enable us to disengage from emotionally-charged stimuli; and support us to be fully present for our children.