Sylvia Clare
Author and Mindfulness teacher for Community of Interbeing
Community of Interbeing

 I began my interest in the meditative traditions as a teenager but then got distracted by life and politics. A few years after on I realised that this would never change the world and that we each needed to change ourselves first, I later found out what Gandhi had said. So I explored various spiritual psychologies that all gave me something, but then seemed to run out for me, until I found Buddhism.

That never ran out of interest, answers or guidance. So I followed many Buddhist writers and teachers until I went to a retreat run by the COI. I had that instant ‘this is where I belong’ feeling, which has never left me. I am lucky to be married to an equally committed mindfulness practitioner and we live mindfulness every day together.

A little over twenty years ago I decided to make mindfulness my living and I have been teaching and helping people alongside writing about it ever since. I now teach the BE calm BE happy course for the COI on my home island. I can only say that it has radically changed my life, challenged, comforted and guided me for the last twenty years, I cannot imagine life without my practice. 

Mindful Living Show Presentation
Friday 2nd June
Session Title: Managing the difficulties in developing a Mindfulness Practice