Natalie Pennicotte-Collier
MindCoach & Mindful Therapist of CalmerRama

Mental Wealth Ambassador and Team GB Mindcoach, Natalie from

 “I would love to share some of the ways I have found to Inspire the next generationof Pupils and Athletes and help any parents struggling to nurture an early love of Mindfulness and the wonderful benefits – sharing ways to engage TEENs with highlights and Mindfulness techniques to empower the next generation from The CalmeRama Roadshow.

Inspired by my mentor and friend, the wonderful Dr Patrizia Collard. CalmerRama is a blend of MBCT and MSC alongside my empowerment Mindcoaching.

Cofo of the #TheMindset21 Social Media Campaign alongside Mental Health Ambassadors, I have been to 10.Downing Street to share my Charity Initiative.

Every day I aim to positively influence the emotional wellbeing and mental wealth of the community working with pupils, parents, carers my mission is to promote + support youth mental wealth in schools, sport & business.

I continue to be inspired by the power of the mind, emotional intelligence and success psychology. Helping people to enjoy more happiness, mindfulness and unlock their true potential.
I developed CalmerRama after hearing from the frontline in my Private practice and my Empowerment school workshops – the next generation simply weren’t connecting to Calm/ Headspace and still not engaging and connecting with Mindfulness and why it would help them .

I am passionate about the benefits and as a mother of 2 mindful minis I was struggling to engage the Teens in starting a mindful journey of discovery. Even when showcasing the compelling evidence, they were not always convinced.  It appeared that the tone of voice wasn’t always appealing..Thankfully that is now changing and more young minds and schools are welcoming Mindfulness and CalmerRama.

Mindful Living Show Presentation
Friday 2nd June 
Session Title: Mindfully Raising the Future