Helen Brewer
Company Director
Mindful Crafts

Decopatch, by far, is the most popular brand of decoupage products and for good reason, as the products are of the highest quality. 

Decoupage is an enjoyable activity for children and adults alike and the end result is a unique piece of craft work. The activity involves using special decorative paper and glue to cover any item of your choice, from small flat shapes to large tables and chairs. Decopatch looks fantastic on many surfaces - card, wood, papier maché, plastic, glass and metal. Any item can be transformed and upcycled. 

So how does it support mindfulness? As you become involved in your project, you will discover how it can bring you into the moment. It gives your mind time to unwind and think. Thoughts inevitably appear but, as you are involved in your crafting, you are focussed just enough to be able to allow thoughts to come and go. 

So, get decopatching and become mindful. The perfect craft for a busy world. 

Mindful Living Show Presentation
Friday 2nd June
Session Title: Mindful, Creative Craft

'Decopatch - mindful, creative craft'
Join us to discover how Decopatch can enhance the practise of mindfulness. A modern papier mache craft that boosts self esteem and produces amazing results. So rip it and stick it!