Claire Garthwaite
Doctor and Mindfulness Teacher
With Mindfulness

Claire is a general practitioner by training with a scientific approach to life. She first heard about mindfulness many years ago and was interested because of the growing medical evidence about its effectiveness in a wide range of conditions. Any initial scepticism she had was quickly overcome when she personally began to practise mindfulness regularly, immediately feeling the benefits. Over time the practice has transformed her life and her journey with her own disabled children.

In her ongoing work as a medical tribunal member, she is aware of the high levels of stress related illness in the population and she is passionate about the role that mindfulness can play in helping people manage stress. More recently she has started to teach mindfulness and has witnessed how it can help people of all ages. No matter what their personal situations and challenges, the positive impact of mindfulness has been significant.

Mindful Living Show Presentation
Friday 2nd June
Session Title: Review of the Scientific Evidence for Mindfulness and Health